Carlton Landing Academy


Carlton Landing Academy was created as a central part of the planned community of Carlton Landing, Oklahoma.  The school sits just off beautiful Lake Eufaula and amidst the gorgeous town of Carlton Landing.   

We were founded on the principal of project based learning as well as developing strong character traits in our students.  We teach our students the Oklahoma standards, yet we assess them using project based principles.  This allows our students to show what they know and apply their knowledge to real world concepts.  

We use the Ron Clark Essential 55 to introduce and maintain our character expectations for our students.  We believe our students must be kind and courteous members of society as well as life-long learners.  


Safety comes first.  Students can't learn if they are not safe. 


We learn for life: not just for school. 


Applying learning to a problem helps our student understand why we learn. 

CLA Ospreys