Uniforms are required everyday. If students are out of uniform, they will be reminded to be in uniform. If they are out of uniform a second time, a parent/guardian will be called to bring them the correct clothes.

  1. School Uniform Policy.

    1. TOPS: White, navy and grey polo knit shirts. Shirts may be embroidered with the logo for Carlton Landing Academy.

    2. BOTTOMS: Navy blue or khaki pants, walking shorts, slacks, skirts, and skorts from the uniform section any major retailer will be acceptable. Shorts, skirts, and skorts must be fingertip length or longer.

    3. FOOTWEAR: Students must wear shoes with a closed toe and a back enclosed heel.

    4. PHYSICAL EDUCATION: An Osprey Athletic t-shirt is required for PE and athletics. They are sold at the school.

    5. OTHER: Students will be permitted to wear a school-sponsored T-shirt and/or sweatshirt and denim shorts or jeans on Fridays or school spirit days as designated by the teachers.