Staff Spotlight

We have a great staff at CLA and want to highlight one of our staff members bi-monthly to show our appreciation, for the outstanding job they do. Our first staff member, is Shawn Sparks. Shawn has over 30 years experience from the preschool level to teaching in higher Ed. She has enjoyed bringing back to the classroom, the practices she implemented at college level. Shawn has been a reading coach in several districts in South Carolina & Kansas before moving to Oklahoma, 5 years ago. Currently, Mrs. Sparks is our PreK-Kindergarten teacher, RSA Director, and helps with federal programs. Our school report card has improved by two grade levels, going from an F, two years ago, to a high C last year. Mrs. Sparks has been instrumental in helping with school improvement, setting up benchmarks with our MAP testing, and creating data boards for each grade level, which gives each student and teacher a goal to reach success. Thank You, Mrs. Sparks , for your dedication to your students and our school.

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