The curriculum of Carlton Landing Academy Charter School is rooted in 6 Foundations:

  • Project Based Learning Experiences provide practical, real-world opportunities for students to effectively reiterate and reinforce classroom curriculum and the taught knowledge base.
  • Active Pedagogy addresses teaching across disciplines. We are a premier learning community that involves all students in holistic, multi-sensory environments that create a lifelong love of learning.
  • Culture and Character present the Academy’s approach to building and sustaining a strong school culture that fosters extraordinary character building, academic excellence, lifelong learning, high expectations and equity.
  • Leadership and School Improvement describe how effective leaders support high achievement and continuous improvement.
  • Structures address how school leaders organize time, faculties and students to support project-based learning experiences, active pedagogy and the intentional cultivation of culture.
  • Our Didactic Approach is to train and equip students through a holistic learning approach of academic rigor, character development and connection with nature to become life-long learners.
DISCLAIMER: While our curriculum has been inspired by Expeditionary Learning, Carlton Landing Academy claims no official connection with Expeditionary Learning and is not considered an EL School.