Meet the Teachers of Carlton Landing Academy

Darren White - Head of School

Mr. White feels great enthusiasm for his opportunity to serve the great school of Carlton Landing Academy as our Head School Master / Superintendent.  Having spent the past twenty years in traditional public schools, he has always dreamed of being able to teach and lead in a school setting such as the one we have at Carlton Landing Academy. He shares his philosophy of education from an old Sioux Indian adage that he once read,

“Tell me and I will listen; show me and I will understand; involve me and I will learn.”  

After obtaining his Bachelor's Degree in education in 1997 from East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, he began his teaching/coaching career in Chickasha, Oklahoma.  He spent the next five years learning how to be an effective teacher and coach.

In 2002, he took his first head coaching position at Mangum, Oklahoma.  Mr. White was fortunate enough to have his first state champion wrestler in his first year as a head coach.

In 2003, Darren and his wife took teaching jobs in Longview, Texas.  While there, he helped lead Pine Tree High School to a dominate wrestling team in East Texas, placing in every tournament that they wrestled in. It was at Pine Tree ISD that he first discovered Project Based Learning, while finishing up his Master’s degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.  Mr. White had his seventh grade students  perform multiple projects as well as utilized drama in the classroom while teaching Texas History.  His students had a blast learning, and he realized then that he had been doing this education thing all wrong.  Mr. White had always been taught that he should tell the students what he wanted them to learn.  They would then demonstrate what they learned through a series of homework and assessments. However, through this experience in Texas, he began to realize that students learn best when they become a part of the lesson.  

In 2006, Mr. White and his wife took jobs back in Oklahoma.  They started teaching at the local school in McLoud, Oklahoma.  While there, Darren's wrestling teams won many local and even national tournaments.  The school's teams were ranked in the top ten from 2008 through 2012.  During his six years as a head wrestling coach at McLoud,  they had many state qualifiers and state placers.  During his last year as a head coach, he had his second and last state champion.   While at McLoud, Mr. White enjoyed teaching History and Junior High Journalism.  It was during this time that he wrote his first book, Mind Games.  He says he had a great time writing this book and it became a required reading book in all of his classes.

In 2012, Mr. White took a high school position at Macomb, Oklahoma. He feels that the experience that he gained from that school was immeasurable.   The following year, he returned to McLoud to lead their Intermediate School.  

Through all of his years of teaching, coaching, and being a principal, he has learned that education must be enjoyable to all involved: the teacher, the students, and even the parents.  He states, "When we make learning come to life in the lives of our students, they will become lifelong learners."  


Katlyn Delp - Middle School Teacher

Katlyn comes to Carlton Landing from Tulsa. She graduated from Texas State University in 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Sports Science. While she loved Sports Science, she felt as though she was being pulled in another direction. From this, she joined Teach for America upon her graduation. She has taught in Tulsa for the past two years. She states that she is very excited to be a part of the Carlton Landing Academy family and is even more excited for the 2017-2018 school year! Miss Delp will be teaching middle school science as well as elementary and middle school physical education.

 Natalie Hewitt - Elementary Teacher

Natalie holds a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education from Northeastern State University and a Master of Science in Educational Psychology from Oklahoma State University. Mrs. Hewitt has experience in multi-age classrooms in public, magnet, and private institutions with an emphasis in STEM and Project Based Learning (PBL). She recently returned to her hometown, McAlester, with her husband and two children. At home, Natalie and her family raise chickens and grow produce marketed to local community. Mrs. Hewitt will be teaching our elementary students 2nd through 4th grade as well as elementary and middle school STEM classes.

Jenifer Humphreys - Spanish

Jenifer is a graduate from Baylor University with an undergraduate degree in Early Childhood Education, minoring in Spanish, and a Master's Degree in School Administration. Jenifer lives in Carlton Landing with her husband and five children. Mrs. Humphreys has a diverse background in education. She has taught in inner city public, private, and home education settings. One year ago, Jenifer helped start our school, Carlton Landing Academy, as it became Oklahoma's first rural public charter school. She now volunteers her time to work with our students as they learn foreign language through her classes but also as she provides additional hands on learning experiences for our students on a regular basis. Senora Jen will be teaching our elementary, middle, and high school students Spanish this year.

Chris Jones- Middle School Teacher

Chris is alternatively certified in business education. He has his Bachlor of Science in Finance and Marketing from Northeastern State University. Chris has over 30 years of business experience. Wanting a change of pace, Chris decided to enter the world of Education. He has always had a passion for music and history. Chris has been playing the piano for 49 years and plays a total of seven different instruments and studied music in college. Mr. Jones lives in Broken Arrow and is excited to begin his teaching career here at Carlton Landing Academy. Mr. Jones will be teaching middle school social studies as well as music for 3rd through 12th grade students.

Neva Kilburn - Part Time Technology Teacher

Neva has been in education for over 30 years. Her love of elementary age children has placed her mainly within second, third, and fourth grade classrooms. However, more recently, she has spent two years teaching technology to fifth and sixth graders. For the last two years specifically, Mrs. Kilburn has served as media specialist in the library at DCIS in Edmond. Neva and her husband moved to Carlton Landing when her husband began his job in the community. She has two sons who are grown. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and fitness activities. She is frequently seen walking throughout the neighborhood with her Shelties. Mrs. Kilburn will be working with our students in technological applications and also serve as a reading specialist.

Katrina Prichard - Early Childhood Teacher

Katrina has her Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education from East Central University and comes to Carlton Landing Academy after teaching for twenty years at Krebs Elementary. During her time at Krebs she taught Pre-K, Kindergarten, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, and Title I. Teaching is her passion! She says, "I love to see a child's face the first time they learn something or read their first word!" She also loves to see her students express themselves in art and play. Katrina lives in McAlester and has two children, Anna, 25 and soon to be married, and Carmine, 18 and a senior in high school. She also has two pets Shadow, a mini-schnauzer and Rocky, her cat.  She likes to spend time with her family and friends, as well as travel, eat Cajun food, and plant flowers. She loves being outside and may occasionally be seen hugging a tree. Katrina also loves to draw and paint. Ms. Prichard will be serving as our early childhood teacher, serving Pre-K through 1st grade.

Lindsay Ward - Director of Special Education

Lindsay is a returning teacher to Carlton Landing Academy. She graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Education for Early Childhood Education in 2011. In August of 2016, she received her Master of Science in Education for K-12 Special Education Instruction. Also, in August of 2017, she is on track to graduate with a Master of Science in Education for Educational Leadership. Mrs. Ward is certified to teach Pre-K through 4th grade students in Arkansas and Kindergarten through 3rd grade students, as well as K-12 students with disabilities in the state of Oklahoma. She has also completed certification testing for Elementary Principal in Oklahoma.

Lindsay's teaching experience and university studies have given Lindsay a unique perspective on education. She says, "I believe in the benefit of children making mistakes and encouraging students to realize there is no wrong answer, but rather answers from which they can learn." She has a passion for mathematics and finding unique ways in which individual students learn. Mrs. Ward will be co-teaching Math classes in 2nd through 12th grades as well as serving as Special Education Director providing for the needs of our students with exceptionalities.

Nathan Yarbrough- Middle School Teacher

Nathan is also a returning teacher who came to Carlton Landing Academy from Hilldale High School in Muskogee, Oklahoma, where he taught art and web design. At Hilldale, Nathan served as assistant director and art director for the all-school musical. His roles included designing and painting the set, developing young actors and actresses, and handling finances. He has taught PASS< Common Core, and OAS aligned classes, promoting analytical and argumentative analysis of fine artworks, students artwork, and texts from history.

A graphic designer and fine artist, Nathan was lead designer for Corporate Screen Printing, and he has produced murals for several cities, exhibited work in solo shows, and attracted many freelance clients. He also happens to be a pastor, competitive cyclist, and outdoor sports enthusiast, but says he is first and foremost a devoted husband and father to his wife, Jen and their children Evie and Eliot. Mr. Yarbrough will be serving as a middle school Language Arts teacher as well as art teacher for elementary and middle school students.