Each school day, students at the Academy are able to participate in a variety extracurricular activities as part of the Student Enrichment Program.

These programs include the Spanish foreign language, arts and crafts, music, STEM, gardening, hiking, physical education, and monthly culinary classes.

Club activities include NJHS, student council, yearbook, book club, archery, and cross country.

2018-2019  Carlton Landing Academy Student Council

Rhyatt Dunn- President
Hank Humphreys- Vice President
Ritchey Bargas- Secretary
Staughty Chapman- Public Relations
Leo Ormsby, Staughty Chapman, Rhyatt Dunn, Hank Humphreys- Activities committee
Emaleigh Mankin, Caleb White- Beautification
Sofie Welch, Hayden Wright, Hailey Wright- NJHS/Service