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Carlton Landing Academy Charter School cultivates and equips students to be well-rounded, valued, contributing members of society through rigorous curriculum and project-based learning experiences so that they can understand and take an active role in improving their natural, built, social and economic environments.

Carlton Landing Academy utilizes best educational practices to provide an exemplary learning environment. Through unique, hands-on experiences, project-based learning and an emphasis on connecting students with nature, Carlton Landing Academy Charter School delivers a one-of-a-kind, quality education with proven academic and non-academic outcomes.

The diverse mix of students at Carlton Landing Academy, from both within and outside the Town of Carlton Landing, represents a wide array of economic and racial backgrounds. The Academy serves a community of families who appreciate a well-rounded educational experience for their children.

As the first rural charter school in the State of Oklahoma, the Academy will be watched closely. Our academic performance will be measured and judged by educators across the state. People want to see if charter schools in rural Oklahoma can achieve the same great academic outcomes produced by other charter schools in cities across the country. Back in 2012-13, during our first year of operations as a public magnet school, the Oklahoma State Department of Education ranked Carlton Landing Academy #1 out of 1,782 schools. That sets the bar high, but with our commitment to academic excellence, we accept the challenge.

We invite all students to join us in the inaugural school year of Carlton Landing Academy Charter School. Together, we will achieve great things in life and education!

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